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Recording of Perry J. Davis Jr., Memorial Service

For anyone who couldn’t attend the service but would like to listen to it:

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Photos of Perry John Davis

Perry J. Davis 1972 Stamford, Conn.

 Perry J. Davis in Stamford Connecticut, 1972

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Perry’s 78’s

It’s funny how life unfolds, and some things which seemed unimportant at first, years later have a great impact. This is precisely the case with a project I worked on for Perry over a quarter century ago. Long after the days of 78’s, and on the verge of CD’s, Perry asked that his son Mike and I copy a substantial stack of Jazz 78’s to cassette. A lover of early Jazz, Perry had amassed a distinct assortment of some of the best ragtime and New Orleans Jazz. Over several weeks, I cleaned up the 78’s and duplicated them to a modern day format, keeping a copy for our own music libraries.

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